Arc’teryx Alpha SV Jacket Women’s – Review

I wanted to get a second skiing jacket because I’m going on a trip soon with my co workers and I want to look my absolute best. I always like to have a look at what Amazon has to offer before all else.

When my eye caught this Arc’teryx SV jacket, I fell in love with it straight away. In most cases when I see a jacket I like, it’s either not the right color or the right size. How lucky I am to see that this jacket comes in all sizes and in all colors!

The one pictures above is red, obviously. But I went with the ‘sprig’ one, which is a bright green. I like to be in the spotlight. So whenever I buy a jacket, I like it to have a color that attracts some attention from the people around me.

The skiing trip I had with my friends at work turned out to be a lot of fun. This winter/skiing jacket didn’t only make me look good, it made me warm, comfortable and free in my motions. It’s pretty important to not be restricted when you are skiing, as I am sure you’ll agree.

I tend to get overheated quickly, so I’m always looking for jackets that have the ability to breathe. This one breathes just fine and I did not have any problems with a buildup of excessive amounts of perspiration.

In case you ever need more breathing, you can unzip the zippers under the arms. I tried this and it provides instant cooling.

It’s too bad I could only afford to purchase one Arc’teryx Alpha SV jacket, because I would’ve liked two more. I really like the vermillion and candy apple red colors as well. But the one I have now is also puts me at the center of attention!

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