Arc’teryx Hercules Hooded Jacket Men’s – Review

I decided I wanted another ski jacket recently, because my existing one is a hard shell and I wanted to have a soft shell. The fact that hard shells give me lots of protection from the cold and everything sure is great, but it also restricts me in my movement. Now that I do not like as much! I wasn’t even sure that soft shells would give me the same protection. So I did some research on the web before settling on a final decision.

I’ve read some good ski jackets reviews about this Arc’teryx jacket on Amazon. It quickly became clear to me that if you want a high quality soft shell jacket, you’re going to have to pay the price. Originally, I was going to get this jacket in black. I like dark colors and everything, but I’ve owned plenty of black jackets in the past already.

I kind of liked the yellow on this particular jacket, so I decided to go with a color that puts me in the center of the attention for once! Despite being used to black and dark blue jackets, I must say this yellow one looks pretty good on me.

This is a great jacket for pretty much all the seasons, really. It’s versatility is what makes it worth the money. It can take temperatures over a fairly wide range. I’ve worn it in weather that was only a little bit cold and I’ve also worn it when it was freezing outside. The jacket kept me warm at a constant and comfortable temperature in both situations and everything in between. People are giving me compliments whenever I wear this jacket. It’s one of the greatest ones I’ve ever owned in my entire life!

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