Arc’teryx Sidewinder AR Jacket Women’s – Review

Last winter season when me and my boyfriend were on a skiing trip in the Alps, I tripped and had quite a nasty fall. I didn’t break anything but my arm was severely bruised. I can’t believe it wasn’t even dislocated. Next to a sore arm, I also tore the jacket I happened to be wearing at the time. I suppose I could have had it repaired but the damage was so great… it would’ve left a lot of visible repair work. I just wouldn’t feel happy in it anymore.

So I decided to save up a little and spend some money on a new, high quality skiing jacket for me to wear on our next skiing trip. Me and my boyfriend always spend our winter in the Alps and we’ve been doing this for the last 5 years. We always look forward to it because it’s such a great time where we can be together and have fun.

Wearing great ski clothing always makes me feel so good about myself and it really enhances the experience for me. I don’t want to sound superficial or anything, but I must confess that a new jacket can really make me happy! Nothing makes me as confident as wearing classy clothing and looking good!

So when I received this Arc-teryx Sidewinder AR jacket from Amazon, I tried it on right away. It was a good fit and I was relieved that I didn’t have to send it back and exchange it for another jacket. The body as well as the sleeves are a very snug fit.

The jacket breathes very well because it has pit zips. The seams are fully taped so I’m not worried about cold getting in there anytime soon. There are only two pockets but I don’t like to have to zip down so I can reach internal pockets anyway.

What I really like about this skiing jacket is that the sleeves have avalanche reflector material on them. It gives you a better grip on slippery slopes, just in case you take a fall and start sliding away. You won’t slide as far as you would’ve without this RECCO material. I also like that the zipper is offset, so that I don’t have a cold piece of metal up against my face!

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