Arc’teryx Stinger Jacket Men’s – Review

The ski jacket that I’ve had for the past few years, was a budget jacket for less than $50 that I bought when I just got out of college. That was years ago. I’ve been making career in the last few years and I’m currently doing a little better for myself.

That’s why I’ve decided to shell out a little extra money for a higher quality jacket last winter. My old jacket wasn’t much of skiing jacket at all (although it was marketed as one). It let in all the water, snow, cold and wind. I can’t believe I hung on to it for as long as I did.

Anyway… the Arc’teryx Stinger jacket. It’s a fantastic jacket and I’m happy I purchased it. It also comes in other colors but I preferred the black one myself. Not soon after buying this jacket, I got into a snow ball fight with a few kids on the block. I took a few hits but none of the snow got inside.

This jacket keeps you dry. It also keeps you warm. It’s made of Gore-Tex Pro, a high quality material that is well known in the wondrous world of ski jackets.

Naturally, the Gore-Tex material could never keep everything out all on its own. So for that reason, the zippers have water tight seals on them and the seams have been taped.

Also notice how long this jacket is. Let’s say you wanted to go snow boarding and you’re going to have snow jumping up and trying to get inside your clothes… this jacket won’t let the snow in!

All of this put together makes for one very warm, very comfortable skiing jacket that I’m sure will last me for at least a decade. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on this jacket, so there is no way you’ll ever regret a purchase like this!

Highly recommended if you are about to have a lot of fun in the snow, such a skiing trip in the Alps!

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