Columbia Blade Run II Parka Men’s

The Blade Run II Parka jacket is is made of nylon and it comes in various colors. One of them will surely look good on you! The jacket is completely waterproof. Neither snow, wind or rain stands a chance against this jacket and its nylon material. The fabrics are treated and have specially designed zippers, closures and seams. These seal out any water and rain.

At the same time, this jacket is still very breathable. It allows moisture inside of the jacket to escape and evaporate. It promotes airflow and is bound to keep you at a comfortable temperature while you are wearing it.

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The jacket itself as well as its sleeves are long enough to warm your torso and your limbs. The attached hood also provides protection for your head. It’s not only important to keep a warm body, but also a warm head and ears. Thanks to this hood’s protection from the cold, chances of the cold stinging your ears are reduced to zero. Not only does the hood keep your ears warm, it does it without compromising any of your hearing.

You wouldn’t want to ski down a mountain at full speed and not be able to hear the other skiers in your near vicinity. It could lead to dangerous situations.

The hood is removable. In cases where you don’t need it, you can simply take it off completely so it won’t bother you.

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