Columbia Glacier To Glade II Parka Men’s – Review

I’ve always been a fan Columbia’s skiing jackets. The rest of my family already had skiing jackets, but I was still ski jacket-less. We can’t have any of that, now can we? Me, the wife and our kids have planned a skiing trip at the end of the year. We want to get the most fun out of it that we possibly can. Obviously, we won’t be able to do that if we are cold or if we are wearing ski jackets that are simply too thick so that they obstruct motion.

I was browsing around on Amazon for some good deals on ski jackets. This Glacier To Glade II Parka caught my eye pretty quickly. At little over $100, it wasn’t exactly the most expensive jacket out there. But was the quality any good?

The most important demand I had, was that the jacket was water proof. A couple of years ago, I had a jacket that wasn’t all that and when I fell nose down in the snow, I got wet a few minutes later. Once snow is on your jacket, it will melt in it can seep in.

I now own two Columbia parkas. Despite the fact that they are labeled as being the same size, one was a little bigger than the other. I guess it differs from one design to the next. The upside of this jacket is that is is very light weight. It fits my body very well and the overall snugness is pretty good. I’m already wearing the jacket even though winter has yet to come up. So far, it is doing a pretty good job of keeping the cold out and the warmth in. I recommend that if you want a L-size, you had better get the XL-size. The sizing is a big off on this particular model. Otherwise it is a great jacket!

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