Columbia Men Single Track Softshell Jacket wm6600 Review

The Columbia Men’s Single Track Softshell wm6600 jacket is made especially for those who enjoy a jacket that keeps the warmth inside, the cold outside and yet fits as snugly as possible. The shell is 96% Polyester. The remaining 4% is a so called Elastane Barrier Grid Softshell. This combination of materials make it so that this jacket is water, wind and snow resistant. The lining has a 100% Nylon Embossed Taffeta and a 100% Polyester Drop Needle Grid Fleece.

This jacket is breathable, stretchable and above all comfortable. The softshell is double weave. Because of this jacket’s insulation, it helps in retaining body heat. It weighs very light and therefore guarantees comfort for everybody.

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There is no hood attached to this jacket. If you absolutely want to keep your head warm as well, you will have to provide your own cap. But since this jacket is torso length, it can definitely keep the rest of your body warm, no matter how low temperatures may go.

For a fairly low price, the Columbia Men Single Track Softshell wm6600 offers great protection against the cold. If you like great quality for a great price, this jacket might be for you. Whether you are going on a fishing trip, a walk in the forest or a skiing trip in the snowy mountains… this jacket is sure to keep you warm for hours and hours.

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