Columbia Men’s Shelter Cove Jacket – Review

Recently, it was decided by me and the rest of the family that we were going to go on a ski trip next winter. It had been a few years since we have gone on vacation. We’ve felt the recession just like everybody, and we had to cut back.

Now that me and the wife have saved up enough for a vacation, we are finally going to have one again. But since we still want to curb our spending, we were looking around for cheap, low-priced ski jackets.

I found this one on Amazon. The cheapest offer I could find was for slightly less than $50 and free shipping to boot! This is an amazing deal for a real Columbia rain jacket. Let’s be honest… Columbia is considered to be a pretty important brand amongst people who know what they’re talking about.

This jacket is made of polyester and is completely water proof. It’s a pretty good fit as well. It’s China made, so I guess this explains why I got pretty decent quality for a very low price.

It’s probably meant to be just a rain jacket, but I’m going to use it for skiing anyway. I’m pretty confident that this jacket is completely water proof because of the material. It’s also a welded construction, which pretty much makes the jacket one solid piece of material.

Or at least… that’s what it feels like.

The jacket is very light so it won’t wear me out, even if I wear it for a long time. Let’s say… a few hours in a row. So far, is has kept me fairly warm when I took it with me for a walk.

It also breathes really nicely, so I’ve had no perspiration problems in this jacket.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed by the quality that I got for such a good price. This was a really sweet deal for me!

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