Columbia Women’s Whirlibird Parka – Review

I come from a very sunny place and in the past I have not had the need for heavy skiing jackets at all. But because I am going on a trip this winter, I needed to get one. I’m used to sunny weather and I can’t stand the thought of having to be cold all throughout my upcoming winter trip. I got the small sized version of this. The exact same model as pictured above. I love the white color with the blue on the sides.

I’m a very small woman… only 5’6 and I weight slightly over 120lbs. The small size turned out to be the right size for me. It arrived quickly and I wore it for a minute to test it. I must say that was the warmest minute I’ve ever endured in my entire life. But then again, winter jackets aren’t supposed to be worn when the sun is at its peak at 3 o’clock in the afternoon! I will store it for now, but I must say that I can’t wait to wear it again. I look good in it!

This jacket is a 3-in-1 model. There are two layers to it, an inner one and an outer one. You can use the inner layer alone for when you are going around the block, or you can use the outer shell alone for when it is very windy outside. When you put them together, that’s when the magic happens! Both inner and outer layer combined make for one of the warmest winter jackets I’ve ever seen and I’m pretty sure I won’t be cold on my upcoming winter vacation! I love the versatility of this jacket. I think I’ll also be able to wear just the inner layer when autumn arrives.

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