Discounted Columbia Women’s Downhill Diva Jacket

Columbia Women's Downhill Diva Jacket

You may have experienced having snow drop on your jacket then it became wet and went to moist the inside layers you are wearing. Well, what can I say? That is one ridiculously terrible jacket. You should try to get a new one, I suppose, especially now that winter is fast approaching.

This time there are so many jacket types, colors and brands that you can choose from. Sometimes, it is a bit mind boggling to finally arrive at a choice because most seem very great! However, you have to think about usability first. For me, a good jacket should be waterproof, light and of course comfy and warm! Otherwise, it has no reason to be called a jacket.

Surfing through the many jackets, I got totally blown away by this Columbia Women’s Downhill Diva Jacket. I can say no other word to describe it but splendid! This jacket really caught me speechless when I saw it.

From the looks of it, there is no doubt that it is incredibly light, which is a very great plus for me. What I want my jacket to be which I am sure most people would want theirs as well is to be light. People tend to do layering these days which is also my great madness currently which is why it is crucial for me to own a jacket light enough for me to be able to style the way I want to.

It is from the brand Columbia which is excellent. Columbia never disappoints with the jackets it creates. This like most jackets from Columbia comes with an omni-shield feature which sets it apart from other jackets out there. It won’t get wet and if it does, it dries off easily and won’t make your inner layers get moist at all!

What else? It comes with an internal security pocket which comes out really handy for people who have really expensive things that need to be secured really well.

Oh, before I forget. This comes with a stow away hood that comes really perfect for you to have options. When it is really very snowy outside then let out the hoods, otherwise keep it compact and hidden!

Overall, this is a great jacket that comes for a reasonable price. I could say nothing bad about it. I definitely like it. Indeed, I will get one soon!

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