Kjus Liberty Men’s Jacket – Review

This jacket has got to be one of the most fabulous jackets I have ever seen in my life. It’s being marketed as a ‘cutting edge men’s ski jacket’, which raises the bar for expectations quite high.

It has quite the price tag… it costs more than $1000 at the moment. But since I recently had a little bit of luck in the financial department, I decided to treat myself to it. I would not normally spend this amount of money on a skiing jacket. But I had some money to burn, so…

Ok, so where to begin? This jacket is indeed pretty high tech. It has a jacket and pants connection system, so you can actually connect it to your pants if you happen to be wearing those as well. Most people do, ofcourse!

When I went skiing and snowboarding, I definitely did connect the jacket to the pants to prevent snow from getting inside my clothing. I must say that having everything sealed off at waist level certainly does help to keep the cold out!

The Kjus Liberty Men’s ski jacket is easily the most comfortable jacket I’ve ever worn in my entire life. Not just among ski jackets, but amongst all jackets I’ve ever had! The elbows are ergonomically preformed. Now what kind of jacket has that amount of comfort? Only this one, it seems!

The main reason why this jacket has such an extremely high price tag, is because the material is of a quality that is simply unbelievable. It repels water, stops the wind and is extremely flexible at the same time.

It’s this flexibility that makes every single movement absolutely, completely, utterly stress free.

The jacket keeps my at a constant temperature, comparable to room temperature. I’ve worn the jacket in many different kinds of temperatures and my body warmth always remains constant.

It keeps me warm, it breathes fantastically and I can move freely in it, almost as if I’m not wearing anything at all.

I had no idea anything like this existed… I’m completely blown away!!!

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