Marmot Furlong Softshell Jacket Women’s – Review

Last winter me and my husband went on our very first ski trip ever!!! My husband had already been on ski trips before and he wanted me to experience it as well! I was hesitant at first, but I let him drag me along anyway.

Ok… so I had to get a ski jacket. While browsing around on Amazon I found this Marmot Furlong jacket in blue. I loved the color. I also liked the slick design a whole lot. The price was right. Plus it has a hood that is lined with faux-fur!

I personally would not have bought this if it had had real fur. But because it’s fake I have no problem with it. It’s soft to the touch and now I even look good wearing the hood because of the fur lining.

The hood on this one is not removable, but because I love it so much… I don’t really see this as a problem actually. I used to have a jacket where I only wore the hood to keep the hard rain from hitting my head and face. Whenever I didn’t need it, I took it right off.

But this jacket’s hood is an essential part of the jacket. It’s so beautiful, I wouldn’t want to take it off even if I could!

Well, what else can I say about it. It’s wind resistant and water resistant. It has a soft shell and it allows me to move around comfortably. It almost feels like a second skin!

Furthermore, I think it is very stylish and classy and it also keeps me very warm. After the skiing trip was over, I also wore it around town.

This Marmot Furlong soft shell ski jacket runs a little small, so make sure to get it at a bigger size than you normally would. It’s also available in turtle dove and espresso colors.

I haven’t seen many other jackets that give a girl this much class for that little money. I highly recommend this jacket!

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