Men’s Columbia Ultimate Incline Parka – Review

These days it’s all Columbia when it comes to ski jackets. And I can see why, because this is one fantastic brand. They get raving reviews all over the place on Amazon. I think I must’ve seen a couple of hundred reviews in the hour or two that I was looking around for the perfect jacket for me, personally.

Hundreds of people can’t be wrong. Columbia obviously delivers high quality and most of the time at a very reasonable price. So I decided to take the risk and order this jacket online from Amazon.

It arrived two days later, which I consider to be pretty fast. I wore it right away and tested it by taking a walk outside. A real field test!

The jacket was very comfortable and I fell in love with it right away. I’m considering purchasing one for my brother who has his birthday coming up in December. He has the same build that I do and there is little doubt in my mind that he will like this jacket as much as I do.

I really like to color combination… blue and grey, separated by black lines. Not too bright, not too dark. It’s pretty much how I like it.

The seams are completely sealed off, which pretty much guarantees no moisture is ever going to seep into the jacket. I always hate it when rain or molten snow get inside my jacket and make my skin cold and wet.

Last but not least, the Columbia Ultimate Incline Parka also does a really good job at keeping the heat in. It can get pretty warm if you wear it when it’s not very cold. The jacket really is meant for very low temperatures.

It keeps heat in, but at the same time it will not make you sweat a lot. I’d give the breathability of this jacket a solid A.

Good jacket. Good price.

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