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Buy Columbia Men’s Night Ride Jacket At A Great Price!

Men's Columbia Night Jacket

Not only will the Columbia Men’s Night Ride Jacket keep you cozy and warm, it will also make you look sleek and highly visible especially at night. This is one of the most stlyish jackets from Columbia. Apart from the detachable faux fur situated in the jacket’s hood to provide you additional warmth and edge, this jacket comes with a glow in the dark zip ups to make sure that you stand out when you use the jacket in a cold winter night!

Well, style is by far the best thing about this jacket but there are lots more that this jacket can offer to make sure that you won’t have any regrets when you purchase it or have any second thoughts about purchasing it. More than style, this jacket comes with great functionality. The Omni-shield technology of Columbia can be seen in this jacket. Waterproof and breathable, this jacket is definitely a “must to have”. Despite that, it is still not bulky. And we all know, that no one likes to have a bulky jacket!

Seams, zippers and cuffs are well sealed and laminated to make sure that you remain dry on the inside. Underarm zip vents ensures that you remain dry and warm on the inside as excess heat is dispersed out especially with moderate to intense activity.

Movement is never restricted at all when you wear this great jacket. It comes with a greatly articulated elbow cutting that allows mobility without lifting the jacket so much owing for snow and rain to gain access to. A drop tail ensures an added coverage when it comes to those people who just needs to move about all the time like during skiing or hiking when there is a lot of bending over and long rides!

Lastly, like most other jackets, this comes with a media pocket and security pocket so that you can easily store all of your goodies with you without making you have additional carry-ons!

There is surely no doubt that you will love this jacket!

Buy The BONFIRE Men’s Chroma Ski & Snowboard Jacket At A Great Price!

Bonfire Chroma Snowboard and Ski Jacket

When it comes to finding a good jacket, you must make the BONFIRE Men’s Chroma Ski & Snowboard Jacket be among your first choices. This jacket is incredibly great. The jacket comes with a really cool look. The name itself tells you that the look of the jacket is definitely sleek and great. The jacket comes with a vecro print on the left side that makes it really look sweet in detail. Like any other jackets, this ski and snowboard jacket also comes with all of the features that you love a jacket to have. I will be telling a few of them in this short article.

The jacket has seams that are critically sealed so that no moisture or minute watery particles can find its way inside the jacket. Moreover, the zippers are properly laminated as well so that no matter how soaked the outer shell of the jacket can be, all of the clothing layers underneath it will remain dry. The cuffs are Velcro adjustable so that you can easily lock them tight ensuring you of optimal dryness.

This jacket has a 7,000mm/5,000g Waterproof/Breathable Rating which is really great! If you are a jacket geek then I am sure that you know what I am talking about in here. Only seldom can you find a jacket that is waterproof to the extent that you won’t get soaked underneath yet still be able to ensure that you remain dry from your sweat in spite of making you warm inside. The Mesh Backed Zippered Pit Vents are the ones that will make sure that air is also circulated inside your body core while you are kept warm in the cold weather and thus preventing your from getting damped with your sweat.

The hood of this cool jacket is well attached so that when you need some head protection, you can just easily activate it. It comes with some Fine Tune Adjust mechanism to make sure that the hood can fit your head snugly.

Discounted Columbia Sportswear Women’s Glacial Glide Jacket

Columbia Sportswear Women's Glacial Jacket

It is undeniable that all of us need extra protection when it comes to the cold weather. As of this time, we are given so many choices of waterproof jackets to choose from. I am always on the lookout of the best jackets and for me what is worthy of telling people about right now is this Columbia Sportswear Women’s Glacial Glide Jacket.

Columbia is a brand of winter wear and sportswear that does not disappoint. It always creates clothings that would really do what it says it can do. This jacket, for instance, like other Columbia jackets comes with the very famous Omni-shield technology that can ensure that you remain dry outside and warm inside without giving you a sweaty torso. In short, there is no question about the breathability and the waterproof ability of this jacket.

Apart from that, what is so stunning about this jacket is the fleece that comes within its inner core. For women, this is really a great plus for it can provide additional warmth and comfort. The stow away hood also comes with a fleece to keep your face and your nape warm even with negative temperatures.

All of the seams and the zippers of this jacket are sealed so that there is no way for moisture to find its way to your inner wear. This jacket fits your body like a glove as well which definitely all women can’t resist. A sporty jacket with a silhouette fit – this is what this jacket is all about.

But not only that. This jacket comes with two side pockets where you can hide your chilly hands when the weather gets too cold. Amazing right? There are also inner security pockets that allows you to bring all your valuables without getting them soaked. Lastly, zippered underarm vents are provided to regulate your core body temperature so as not to give you some sweaty underarms when you get too active.

This is a jacket that I would highly recommend to all women out there who are looking not only for warmth and comfort but also for a stunning winter protection.

A Very Cheap Marmot Men’s Precip Rain Jacket

Marmot Precip Rain Jacket

Being soaked and damped in the rain is nowhere fun. It is dreaded by any person except if he or she does it on purpose to enjoy the rain. However, if you are going to work, school or just doing something that needs you to be dry despite the rain, being wet is something that you don’t ever desire. I am sure you have already tried a lot of jackets out there. I also have tried a lot of rain jackets for myself as well.

I bought this Marmot Men’s Precip Rain Jacket because it was very affordable and I needed a new jacket with great breathability. The outer shell of this jacket is not made of Gore-tex but of Precip so I thought it will really be great enough for me. Indeed compared with my Gore-tex jacket this one was able to do its job when it comes to breathability. It never got me soaked in my sweat while I was using it. It is also very easy to carry around because it is able to stow easily on its left side pocket. That is another jacket feature that I was looking for before I got this jacket from Marmot.

However, those are I think the only great things about this jacket. I have used this jacket on moderate rain for I thought that it was way better than my Gore-text jacket but I was proven wrong. When I arrived to my destination, I was soaked. The layers I have inside the jacket was so damped. I was like a wet chicken. The waterproof ability of this rain jacket can’t really be experienced by the buyer. I would rather purchase a new jacket with better quality, preferably a Gore-tex one, even if it will be more expensive than this one. At least when I do that, I can be sure that I will remain dry despite that rain.

In fairness to Marmot, there are other jackets from this brand that really works. This rain jacket, unfortunately, is not one of those great jackets.

Discounted Spyder Women’s Tresh Jacket

Spyder Women's Tresh Jacket

Chills are great when they are a result of love but if they are because of snow – nah! I am sure you will dread it. Don’t make chills dreadful because of a gloomy weather with the latest version of ski jacket from Spyder which is no other than the Spyder Women’s Tresh Jacket! I am pretty sure that when you start using it, you will learn to love the snow more than ever!

This jacket can keep you warm and cozy because of its Primasoft insulation feature that assures you of adequate warmth despite the very chilly weather. The jacket comes with seams and cuffs that are completely sealed to make sure that you remain dry inside; and the zippers are fully laminated as well so water can never seep through your undergarments at all. Moreover, the waist side panels are made of elastic that it fits your body like a glove on a hand thus snow can never touch the layers beneath the jacket. Despite that, you don’t get too warm until you sweat because the jacket comes with an underarm vent that can dust the heat away when you get too active.

When the jacket becomes covered with too much snow you can just easily zip out the outer skirt and dust off the snow away. It is attached with a gripper elastic to the rest of the jacket material so that it is able to stay in place. The storm hood of this jacket is also removable. So when the weather is not too cold you can just simply let go of it. When you need it, without a hassle you can effortlessly adjust it to fit to your head.

This is really an incredible jacket for it comes with the trademark of Spyder Jackets for Women which is a jacket with feminine yet classic look – one that is not too baggy and not too tight to for you to be able to move about without being disturbed by the bulkiness at all.

Without a doubt, this jacket is a definite must-have for all women!

Discounted Columbia Sportswear Men’s Wildcard III Softshell Jacket

Columbia Sportswear Men's Wildcard III Softshell Jacket

When you live in a place that is on constant chilling temperature, you might consider investing on a good and tough jacket that can keep you warm and dry all the time. There is nothing that can be better than the Columbia Sportswear Men’s Wildcard III Softshell Jacket. By far, this is a jacket that I have known to be made of a soft outer shell material yet acts so hard and so tough. Why I said it is so will be explained further below.

This jacket from Columbia is made with polyester and elastane shell and a lining combined with nylon and polyester to give you adequate insulation and dryness! The outer shell is completely resistant from wetness. As expected, this jacket features the Omni-Tech waterproof and breathability which most of the avid fans of Columbia love. A critically sealed seam that is Velcro adjustable can make sure that no snow, rain, or draft can find its way to reach your undergarments.

The versatile softshell property of the Wildcard III enables you to easily do all the movements that you want – you can dance, jump, hop, ski, and glide with this jacket yet still remain comfortable all throughout despite your extreme mobility. Another thing that you will like about this Columbia jacket is that you can easily activate its stow away and adjustable hood when you need some head protection because of deep chilling temperatures. When the temperature becomes tolerable enough, you can easily remove the storm hood as you desire.

The jacket can keep all your essentials handy with the pockets that were designed with great imagination. A media and google pocket is provided to keep all of your expensive valuables secure when you need to do a fast errand to a convenience store or just need to get a coffee break despite the great snow.

With a jacket as soft yet tough as this Wildcard III, you will never ever fear breaking in the snow anymore!

The Columbia Men’s Double Whammy II Jacket at a Great Price!

Columbia Men's Double Whammy Jacket

When it is cold and windy outside, you definitely will sense that you would need a good jacket to keep you off from sickness and what more can you ask for than the Columbia Men’s Double Whammy II Jacket? This is really a highly exceptional jacket that provides you adequate warmth and dryness especially during seasons of moderate rainfall, wind and snow! Other than those weather conditions mentioned, you might want to choose other jackets from Columbia that are tough enough for heavy rain, great snow and strong winds especially if you are into extreme sports like skiing.

This Double Whammy II is indeed a jacket that can give you all the protection you need whether you are just out for a walk under a moderate drizzle or just cleaning your car from the piled up snow! This jacket is made of an outer shell that is completely resistant from the wetness a drizzle and moderate snowfalls can cause. This water resistance is what Columbia calls as Omni-Tech. Despite such toughness, it is able to allow moisture from within to be exhausted out in an instant. Thus, you can be warm and dry without getting wet with your sweat at all in times when you can’t help but get active.

Another great thing about this jacket is that is comes ready with plenty of pockets – hand pockets, chest pocket, security pocket – you name it, this jacket can surely store all of your winter essentials without giving you an additional luggage to carry on during moderate winter conditions. Apart from that, this jacket comes with Velcro adjustable cuffs to prevent snow or rain from soaking through your undergarments.

The Double Whammy II can warm you with its micro temp insulation to about 30 degrees lower without making you feel any bulkiness at all. You will never believe that a jacket that looks like this can be able to warm you but believe me it is true. I have tried using this Double Whammy II jacket while I was out in a snowy day to buy some groceries and I never experienced getting wet nor feeling cold while using it. I am very excited to be able to use this jacket once again especially now that winter is approaching near!

Spyder Project Insulated Ski Jacket for Women at a Discounted Price!

Spyder Project Insulated Ski Jacket for Women

Women like men also need a great sporty jacket to keep them warm while they are outdoors making a stroll despite the cold weather. The jacket has to be tough enough to withstand all the forces of nature – strong wind and heavy rain or snow! What more can be better than the Spyder Project Insulated Ski Jacket for women?

This is a terribly and undoubtedly mighty jacket for winter. Despite being sporty looking, it has still managed to remain sophisticated to look at! The design of the jacket is well-thought of to suit the preference of women. The design of the jacket creates a flattering feminine cut which acts as a silhouette for warmth! That is something that all of you girls out there could never resist!

As a rule of the thumb, the things that we always look first in a jacket are if it is able to repel water and if it is made of breathable materials. You can never doubt this jacket from Spyder when it comes to those. It has a 20,000mm: 20,000g waterproof to breathability ratio! With numbers like that, you need not think about making yourself wet at all in the snow or rain; while not neglecting the fact that you will not be soaked with your own sweat as well if you plan to get active while wearing it. Moreover, the seams of this jacket are critically taped to prevent snow or rain from gaining access to your undergarments!

Bulkiness is what I hate in good jackets that ensure adequate warmth! With this jacket, that is nothing that you can worry about because it is among the lightest jacket that can give you enough insulation to keep you comfortable and dry even during snow! In addition to that, this jacket’s fabric is completely stretchable to allow optimal mobility for the user!

For those of you, who are still looking for a perfect jacket, then might as well think about buying this one because for sure, you will never catch a cold while using it. There is nothing that can be much perfect than looking great and being comfortable all at the same time which you can be with this jacket.

Very Cheap Columbia Men’s Cougar Peaks II Jacket

Columbia Men's Cougar Peaks II Jacket

As the season of winter is approaching, all of us are forced to open up our closets and scan for our warm clothing – jackets! As I scanned my closet for some of my old jackets, I found the Columbia Men’s Cougar Peaks II Jacket. I can still recall clearly why I bought this jacket. The first reason was its price, second was its product description and third was I really needed a new jacket.

The Columbia Men’s Cougar Peaks II Jacket is really very affordable. If I am not mistaken, I paid just below $30 for this jacket. That was without a doubt a great value for a jacket. Most of the jackets, well depending on the quality and type I must say, cost more than a hundred bucks! Having this jacket for a really cheap price was indeed very tempting.

The second reason I bought it is because it was advertised to be a waterproof jacket made from high quality nylon and polyester materials. Plus, it is said to allow maximum breathability to prevent moisture from within. For a price so low and all the features I need a jacket to be, I made nothing stop me and bought the jacket instantly.

Lastly, I needed a jacket. No explanations can be detailed further for this third reason.

The question is: was I satisfied buying the jacket? Well, here is a detailed answer for this question. To be fair with Columbia, indeed it performed what it said about the jacket being water-resistant. The material can really repel rain and drizzle. The downside is that there are very many unsealed seam from which water can soak through. So even though the material was waterproof, it is not completely water-resistant at all because water can still soak your undergarments.

With regards to breathability, there is really no question about it. The materials this jacket is made of are thin enough to allow an exhaust way for moisture!

Overall, it this is a jacket that you can use occasionally when you are left with no other choice. And because it can easily be packed on its own chest pocket, you can bring it with you anywhere and use it for emergency purposes.

Discounted Arc’teryx Epsilon SV Hooded Fleece Jacket for Men

Arc'teryx Epsilon SV Hooded Fleece Jacket for Men

The cold season is coming back. It is time to let out our best jackets for this season. As winter is nearly approaching, we have to prepare ourselves with the best cold outfits. Cold air can already be felt and we can never be comfortable strolling around if we don’t have the right gears.

I have been looking for a jacket that can give me warmth in weathers such as these and luckily I found the Arc’teryx Epsilon SV Hooded Fleece Jacket for men. Indeed, this is a great jacket for people who need adequate warmth especially before the winter starts.

This jacket is suited for moderate warmth which is why I bought it. It really gave me the comfort that I needed. Usually days before the winter starts, cold air can already be experienced yet it is not so cold that we need to have the very thick types of jacket like the ones preferred for skiing. This is not the jacket designed for people who are into those types of sport. There are other models of jacket in Arc’teryx that is perfect for that purpose. I have read complaints in this area regarding this jacket. Those complaints need not be entertained at all because as what the adverts of this jacket say, this is only gives out light insulation.

Another thing that I love about this fleece jacket is that it allows incredible breathability. I have been looking for jackets that are able to exhaust moisture (because of sweat) from within towards the outer part of the jacket and luckily I found this one from Arc’teryx.

Another plus that I can say that this jacket has which other jackets don’t is that it is not baggy nor bulky. It fits your body like a glove if you choose the right size for your body type. Thus, it is very easy to match it with an undergarment or great bottoms.

You need to know that this is not a shell jacket. This is not for that purpose. If you are looking for that type of jacket then you should not choose this and just end up with complaints. This is a fleece jacket made to warm you moderately!