Patagonia Down Sweater Women’s Jacket – Review

So far, this is one of the best Patagonia purchases I have ever made. I have a light frame and like to wear light jackets, because the heavier ones just wear me down. It can be very hard finding a good jacket that is light and keeps me warm when it’s really cold outside. But it’s very important for me to still be able to go outside, even when the weather is freezing. So if I can find a jacket such as the Patagonia Down Sweater Women’s Jacket, then I’m happy to spend the money on it.

The jacket really is very light. I wore it immediately after I received it (which was fast… great shipping service!). I went outside on a cold day because I wanted to test how windproof this jacket really was. As it turns out, it’s pretty darn wind proof! Halfway through my stroll, it started to rain. I had neglected to bring my umbrella with me because I wasn’t expecting it. So while the rain messed up my hair, my body stayed dry. The rain just rolls right off this jacket! It’s very water resistant. The rain didn’t stand a chance.

It’s really tailored to fit a slim woman’s body. I’m going to go on a skiing trip soon and I’ll be wearing this jacket throughout the entire trip. I can move freely in this and the elastic fabric makes this jacket very tear proof and it also keeps me mobile. That’s exactly what I need for when I go skiing! I imagine that I will take a few falls every once in a while. It’s good to know this jacket isn’t going to have a new tear every time I take a fall.

Of all the jackets that I’ve had, I’m extremely impressed with how warm and cozy this one keeps me. If your current jacket lets you shiver out in the cold, please do not hesitate to get this one. It fits like a soft blanket and it will maintain your body temperature!

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