Spyder Lightning Ski Jacket Women’s 2010 – Review

For a long time now, I have been watching the developments in the Spyder ski jacket line of clothing. Of all the ski jacket brands that are out there, my personal preference when it comes to style is the Spyder brand. I recently bought this jacket that is pictured right here in the exact same color. Naturally I didn’t just pick it because it looks trendy, I also made sure to check upfront if Spyder jackets are any good at keeping a person warm.

I realize that it’s still summer but I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of opportunity to pick the model that I wanted. A few years ago, I made the mistake of shopping for ski clothing when the skiing season had already started. I disliked having to pick from limited collections and at increased prices. This jacket was already expensive enough, so I don’t want to see what it’s going to cost me come winter.

This jacket has a removable, rollaway hood. I don’t always want to be wearing my hood and when there is no need for a hood I don’t want it hanging on my back. If the weather is fairly chilly but not freezing cold, then I prefer to just remove the hood and take a walk without it. Thanks to the high collar, I won’t have to fear that the cold wind will ever get to my neck and under my jacket.

It is my personal experience that you don’t always need a hood, just so long as the neck is well protected. Only if temperatures drop to extreme lows does a hood become a necessity. Ofcourse I like the way I look a lot better without it. All in all a very trendy jacket that is worth its weight in gold!

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