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Women’s ARCTERYX Stingray Jacket at a Discount Price!

I have been on the lookout for the most fabulous, comfortable and warm jackets out there. I think this madness of jackets that I have will never stop until there will be no winter season anymore. So I guess it will lead me to dealing with this fascination for the rest of my life because […]

Arc’teryx Theta SV Jacket Men’s – Review

  Go Here To See More Of This Jacket The wonderful folks at the Arc’teryx company have done it again by delivering us a warm jacket made of the very breathable Gore-Tex Pro material. A longtime fan of Arc’teryx, I couldn’t resist this jacket. These people really know how to make you look good and […]

Arc’teryx Hercules Hooded Jacket Men’s – Review

View This Jacket In Black And Cobalt I decided I wanted another ski jacket recently, because my existing one is a hard shell and I wanted to have a soft shell. The fact that hard shells give me lots of protection from the cold and everything sure is great, but it also restricts me in […]

Arc’teryx Sidewinder AR Jacket Women’s – Review

  Also See This Jacket In Bordeaux Red Last winter season when me and my boyfriend were on a skiing trip in the Alps, I tripped and had quite a nasty fall. I didn’t break anything but my arm was severely bruised. I can’t believe it wasn’t even dislocated. Next to a sore arm, I […]