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Columbia Blade Run II Parka Men’s

The Blade Run II Parka jacket is is made of nylon and it comes in various colors. One of them will surely look good on you! The jacket is completely waterproof. Neither snow, wind or rain stands a chance against this jacket and its nylon material. The fabrics are treated and have specially designed zippers, […]

Men’s Columbia 3in1 Charger Parka Review

The Columbia 3in1 Charger Parka is a winter jacket like you don’t see them too often. The inside fabric is fleece, making this one of the warmest jackets you’ve ever seen. The shell is made of 100% Nylon Hydra. The lining is 100% polyester Ventage Mesh. The insulation is also 100% polyester and it does […]

Columbia Men Single Track Softshell Jacket wm6600 Review

The Columbia Men’s Single Track Softshell wm6600 jacket is made especially for those who enjoy a jacket that keeps the warmth inside, the cold outside and yet fits as snugly as possible. The shell is 96% Polyester. The remaining 4% is a so called Elastane Barrier Grid Softshell. This combination of materials make it so […]

Columbia Sportswear Men’s Thunderstorm II Jacket Review

This winter jacket by Columbia Sportswear simply loves wet weather. If you’ve been on a skiing trip before, you will have undoubtedly seen snowy weather where there is lots of humidity in the air. Wet weather is where the Thunderstorm II performs the best. The Omni-Tech technology that this jacket is made with, offers a […]

Columbia Sportswear Men’s Whirlibird Parka Review

Columbia Sportswear is known for its high quality winter jackets. The Men’s Whirlibird Parka jackets are no exception to Columbia Sportwear’s line of snug fitting skiing jackets that will keep you warm no matter what the temperate outside is. The Whirlibird Parka is made from nylon with an authentic fit. It’s not too fitted, but […]